Hudson on a Mission

HOMHudson on a Mission is a children’s book about cross-cultural church planting. Essentially, it’s the book that I felt compelled to write as a result of my fruitless search for books to help teach our own kids about what we are now doing: living cross-culturally with the purpose of establishing viable, reproducing churches among a remote, unreached people group.

In Hudson on a mission, Hudson and his family of raccoons move into a village of turtles and learn how to live and interact in their new environment while they prepare to present the gospel and establish a local church. The book attempts to answer several key questions:

  • Why be involved in missions?
  • What sorts of things are involved in cross-cultural church development?
  • How do missionary kids in remote places live, go to school, and get their groceries?

Hudson on a Mission was published in 2013 in partnership with the Center for Mission Mobilization Press ( and their excellent family/children mobilization resource, Weave (

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