Further Evidence

I’m not typically the sort who has to hear something for myself before I’ll believe it (as I did in fact believe it before today), but if I were that type of person, I would now have no excuse.

Today at Rachel’s doctor’s appointment, we heard this:

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For those of you still doing the math, I’ll help you out: we’re having a baby!  Rachel is just entering her 2nd trimester, which means she’s finally getting some relief from the morning sickness, and the doctor said that all her tests from the last visit looked great.  Our due date is in mid/late April.

Disclaimer:  If this is the first time you’ve heard of this (not of babies in general, but of our baby), then we’re sorry you had to hear it in such an impersonal manner as a website.  Still, we’re glad you know now.  Feel free to call us and we’ll pretend like we’re telling you for the first time.