Partnership in the Gospel

We are grateful for your partnership with us as we work toward taking the gospel of Jesus to an unreached people group. There are many ways missionaries in remote places and the church back home are intricately linked, but nowhere is the connection more evident than the areas of prayer and finances.


Missions is not about us, or what we’re doing.  It is first and foremost about what God is doing to redeem people from every tribe, nation, and language.  Our activity, if it is to accomplish anything, must be in sync with (and in submission to) God’s work in us and around us.  That is why your prayers are precious to us.  Our commitment is to communicate with you often to share what we are going through and let you know how to pray for us in specific and general ways.

Some of the things you can be praying for already are:

  • That we would continue to make good progress in the national language and culture, and that our move to the next region would be smooth.
  • That the Lord would already be preparing a people group to hear and respond to His redeeming message.
  • For our fellow laborers, as we work to form a team and begin to organize and work through the many challenges ahead.

Financial Partnership

Our training has helped to prepare us for long-term ministry off the grid.  For many of the people groups in our area, access without roads or rivers is prohibitively difficult. For most, no outsider has ever bothered to learn their language.  There is no one within their group who can teach them the Bible, which means, if they are to hear God’s message, someone from the outside must move in to tell them.

This is a grand adventure (and worthwhile!), but also difficult. Costs are high; for instance, living remotely without the benefit of normal modes of transportation, means basic food and supplies, which must be transported by aircraft, will be many times more expensive. We are thankful that God can and does meet our financial needs through gospel-minded people who give sacrificially to fund our ministry. Thank you for your support!

How to give:

Through New Tribes Mission: There are currently three ways to give through NTM – by check, credit card, or by electronic fund transfer. 100% of your contribution goes to our ministry account:

By Check: Please write “Jim & Rachel Jobe, Acct. 900059” on the reference line and mail it to:

New Tribes Mission
1000 E First St
Sanford, FL 32771

By Credit Card: Visit our donation page at to make one time or recurring credit card payments and find answers to frequently asked questions.

By Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): This method is the most convenient for setting up recurring monthly payments.  To set up an EFT, download and print this form and follow the instructions to fill it out.  Then mail or fax it to NTM (address/fax number included at the bottom of the form) with a voided check.  For more information about NTM’s electronic fund transfers, click here.

NOTICE: You will receive a receipt from NTM, and your contribution is tax deductible.  For information about NTM’s financial accountability click here, and for general info about NTM’s financial support, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about anything we are doing, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!