Year In Review

Last night we ushered twenty-eleven out the door by watching a TV special of a guy jumping his motorcycle four hundred feet across a San Diego bay.  Well, I watched.  Rachel gracefully reclined in the cradle of my arm and torso with a glazed look in her eyes.  I admit it was not the most exciting way to end a year.  But the sleepy circumstance of our New Year’s Eve bears little resemblance to the twelve months that preceded it.

In short, we:

  • Watched Hudson learn to walk, run, and mumble a handful of words,
  • Completed our second and final year of Bible training at the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan,
  • Moved into our new apartment near Camdenton, MO to start the second phase of training at New Tribe’s Missionary Training Center,
  • Learned to hear, produce, and interact with the phonetic sounds found in languages worldwide.  We now know the difference between an unaspirated voiceless alveolar stop and a voiced velar fricative,
  • Received an introduction to contextualizing foundational Bible teachings for cross-cultural situations,
  • And began the process of contacting potential fields for future ministry.

In this new year, we are honored and blessed to have the opportunity to continue moving toward this goal: to preach God’s message of redemption to one of the 2000+ people groups that are still waiting to hear it.  This is not a sprint; it is a marathon.  So much preparation must still be done.  But we keep moving ahead with the joyful assurance that the Lord goes before us.

Thanks for your support, and happy new year!

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Jim is a husband, father, and children's book author. He is currently living on an island in Asia Pacific preparing for a church development ministry among an unreached people group.

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