The Move (part 1)

Well, we made it off. Thanks to the help of some wonderful friends we managed to leave College Station and make it up to Denton, TX on Friday night. We hung out with my mom and grandma Saturday morning, then left around noon for the twelve hour drive to my brother’s house in St.Louis, Missouri.

We’ll hang out here for the day, then get an early start tomorrow morning on our last leg to Jackson, Michigan (we should arrive around 4pm). So far God has blessed us with ideal conditions and absolutely no vehicle problems. Please pray for the same for our final day.

We’ll be sure to give an update from our new apartment.

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Jim is a husband, father, and children's book author. He is currently living on an island in Asia Pacific preparing for a church development ministry among an unreached people group.

One thought on “The Move (part 1)”

  1. Glad to hear the first leg of the trip went well! Hopefully you’re in Michigan by now! 🙂

    By the way, great picture!

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